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1. Why should I go to Singapore?education
Singapore is a financial hub and most constant and developing economy in Singapore the weather remains smoothing throughout the year. Diverse cultures, languages and religions give Singapore a cosmopolitan look and a safer place to students. Singapore is 5 and half hours away from India ( very near to your home), the strict Visa requirements etc. are some of the reasons to choose Singapore as your study destination. Singapore is crime free, pollution free, corruption free country. A financial HUB with lot many job opportunities coming in.

2. How can I get feeling like home in Singapore?
The presence of a lot of Indian temples, Indian restaurants, Indian Grocery & other shops naturally gives you the feel at home.

3. What is the Duration of the Bachelors and Masters Courses in Singapore?
You can complete your bachelors degree in 2 years if you will start your Bachelors after year 12th and if you will start you Bachelors after year 10th then you can complete the same degree in three years. But for the duration for IT courses are 3 and 4 years.
The duration for MBA is generally one year.

4. Why the Bachelors Degree for 2 years in Singapore and Masters is for 1 year?
Most of the Singapore institutes provide affiliated degrees from top USA, UK and Australian Universities. They do refer the same curriculum and subjects as the Mother University does. But in Singapore you will get less holidays and you can complete the same degree in less time.

5. What are the entry requirements?
For undergraduate courses the entry requirement is 10th or 12th standard depending on the course. If you will apply after 10th (Senior Secondary School) you can complete your bachelors in 3 to 4 years (depending upon the subjects of the particular course) and if you will join after 12th (Higher Secondary School) you can complete your Bachelors in 2 to 3 (IT and Medical Courses) years.
Some institutions or courses may require you to undergo an interview or placement test as well. Some schools may also require work experience for their MBA programmes. For more details on the same you can contact us directly.

6. Can I work Part-time in Singapore?
No, students studying in private institutes are not allowed to work part-time during the studies. But you do have a option to take the paid internship while doing your course. Now internships after the main course is also available in Singapore.

7. Do I need to give IELTS to apply in Singapore? What are the English Proficiency requirements?
NO, IELTS is not compulsory in Singapore. They need a letter of instruction from your education institute to know if your last qualification was in English or not.

8. Will I get the financial Support?
Yes, Scholarships are available in Singapore. These are merit based scholarships.

9. What is the difference between private and public institutions?
Public Schools are government schools. They are registered and managed by the Ministry of Education , Singapore. In Singapore, there are 11 gazetted public holidays and three scheduled school holidays in a calendar year. There are various types of private schools in Singapore. Private schools are generally run by private companies or non-profit organizations. There are also some private institutions that receive public funds as well.

10. Do I need a Visa and Student’s Pass to study in Singapore?
A person who is not the permanent resident of Singapore must apply for a Student’s Pass if he/she has been accepted by an educational institution to pursue full-time studies in Singapore.

11. What is the Visa procedure?
After receiving the Letter of Acceptance from the institute, you must proceed to apply for a Student Pass.

12. What I needs to do if I wants to bring my spouse and children to Singapore?
Students cannot take their spouse with them, spouse can accompany you on Visitor's visa only.